About Us

Now a days, everyone across the globe wants things easier, simpler, faster and at one place.

The global demands are changing – digital era has changed how we think, behave and what we do in our business.

To ensure sustainability and growth in this digital world, we need to react through and adapt effectively to tech-based solutions. These tech based solutions bring endless opportunities of growth and increased revenues to the organizations.

Tech Talks is an integrated solution platform through ICT technologies. The digital era has given spectrum of opportunities for individuals across the globe to gain knowledge and provide or use services remotely.

Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority. We focus on helping them throughout their e-business interventions. In our tech eco system, we don’t just satisfy our partner organizations but strive to make their experience delightful with us.

We are the global service providers. Our solutions are for all types of organizations – startups, social enterprises, NGO, medium and large enterprises and multi-national corporations.


No matters what we offer we want to be the best choice.


We aim to deliver high value to businesses and help them transform through IT solutions and digital interventions. Our customers are our high priority and we work with them beyond their expectations.


We deliver quality services that help you engage better with your customers.

Our services are customized as per client or industry requirement. Our operational expertise along with industry knowledge facilitates us to deliver exceptional services to our clients. We focus on delivering the services as per our commitment. All our services are designed such to meet the local industry needs of the clients and help them in increasing customer base. We ensure to bring in innovation and continuously improve to meet the standards.

Customized services

Team of Experts

Committed to deadlines


Quality Work

Technical Support

About Us1


• Understanding clients’ needs through effective communication
•Conceptualization of ideas
• Initial documentation

About Us2

Analysis & Planning

• In-depth analysis of enterprise
• Clarification of end user expectations
• Planning art work and storyboard layouts

About Us3

Design Specifications

• Layout specifications
• System integration
• Prototype products

About Us4

Development of System

• Coding
• Designing and layout
• Product ready

About Us5

Testing & Reviewing

• Testing of functions and features
• User experience reviews from client
• Rectification of issues

About Us6

Deliver to Launch

• Deployment of software, app or design
• Technical support (Terms & Conditions applied)

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